Workshops & Presentations

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2022 Workshops coming soon!

9:30am - 4:00pm

$275. + HST per person (Box Lunch included)

Workshop flyers and information are listed to the left of this box. For more information call or text  (705) 737-7845. 

To register please send your email address to You will receive a registration form by email. Payment can be made by e-transfer to the email address above or you can request an invoice to pay by credit card. 

Register early to avoid disappointment. No riding of horses is involved.  All activities are done from the ground.  No previous horse experience is necessary to participate in the workshops. 

"The times they are a changin'" as Bob Dylan once said.  And we all know - change is constant. So much about our way of life has changed in the last year.  We've had to think differently, behave differently, and try to understand our thoughts, actions, and feelings in a new way.  It can be stressful and confusing.  The horses don't like change but they are wise and patient and accept change when it happens.  They live in the "is" and not in the "should be". They can teach us how to flourish in changing times.  Come, let our horses work their magic with you.  Give yourself the gift of self-discovery.  And maybe a chance to find inner peace and love with these beautiful animals.