Update - Covid-19

July 16, 2022

Covid has moved to the background for the moment.  We do continue to offer masks and support the wearing of masks.  We continue to sanitize our workspace before and after each session. So far, so good!

Heartfelt wishes for safety and good health go out to you and yours as we navigate this new world. 

Sending love and healing universal energy to all.   

An equine experiential learning program that:
  • believes in the power of every individual person as a change agent to a better, kinder, world

  • believes each family member is a vital link to a strong, supportive, family unit

  • engages the mind, body and spirit in its work with individuals and families

  • works with the wisdom and power of the horse as teacher

  • embraces the healing power of animals as a natural part of human health

  • provides a comfortable and natural setting for growth, learning, and healing

  • believes in the whole body as a source of information for each person

  • believes in a person's ability to find their own answers

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Offers you:
  • a unique individual or family experience

  • trained, certified and experienced professionals

  • individiual program tailored to your needs and goals

  • amazing, intuitive, sensitive equine therapists

Help with:
  • family issues (i.e. blended family, teens, relationship drift, power imbalance, boundaries, etc.)

  • exploring self-relationship

  • strengthening partnerships

  • family relationships

  • the effects of trauma 

  • self-esteem/confidence

  • anxiety & depression

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