For the first time in my life I, like all of you, am experiencing a pandemic.  I've never seen anything like this before and I feel afraid.  The whole world feels "CLOSED".  I do have a lot of confidence in our Canadian political, medical, and scientific leaders to take us through this pandemic.  I hope that you do as well.  As difficult as it may be we must all hunker down and follow the recommendations to isolate ourselves from others, to "flatten the curve" on this very serious, and very aggressive virus.

At HORSES ARE MAGIC our equine programs are cancelled to avoid contact with others and unknowingly spread the virus. This is very sad news as the horses and I love the work we do and will miss our clients very much.  

There is some good news! Our NATURAL HAND MADE SOAP continues to be available! Click on the link above and find out how to get your soap shipped or with free contactless delivery. 

Heartfelt wishes for safety and good health go out to you and yours as we navigate this new world. 

Sending love and healing universal energy to all.   

An equine experiential learning program that:
  • believes in the power of every individual person as a change agent to a better, kinder, world

  • believes each family member is a vital link to a strong, supportive, family unit

  • engages the mind, body and spirit in its work with individuals and families

  • works with the wisdom and power of the horse as teacher

  • embraces the healing power of animals as a natural part of human health

  • provides a comfortable and natural setting for growth, learning, and healing

  • believes in the whole body as a source of information for each person

  • believes in a person's ability to find their own answers

Offers you:
  • a unique individual or family experience

  • trained, certified and experienced professionals

  • individiual program tailored to your needs and goals

  • amazing, intuitive, sensitive equine therapists

Help with:
  • family issues (i.e. blended family, teens, relationship drift, power imbalance, boundaries, etc.)

  • exploring self-relationship

  • strengthening partnerships

  • family relationships

  • reconnecting the family


We Believe in Families

The Vanier Institute defines a family as any combination of two or more persons who are bound together over time by ties of mutual consent, birth and/or adoption or placement, and who together assume responsibilities for variant combinations of some of the following physical maintenance and care of group members; addition of new members through procreation, adoption or placement, socialization of children, social control of members, productions, consumption distribution of goods and services, and effective nurturance (i.e. love).


Today there are many examples of family.  There are nuclear families, blended families, single-parent families, same-sex parent families, and many more.  Families are where we learn how to be in the world.  Families produce the people who make up the world.  In our families we learn how to respect, and who to respect. We learn self-respect. We learn about love, about care and nurturance, about self-care and caring for others.  

Today families are faced with many challenges. Basic family needs like food, clothing and shelter are all money driven  and ask a lot of the  family provider(s). 


Providing for a family can become hectic and stressful and can cause family members to drift apart.  This drift can lead to misunderstanding, reduced communication and resentment which are at the root of a great host of issues facing individual family members.


At Horses are Magic we use the expertise of animals that have lived for thousands of years in a "herd" or family.  Through our work with the horses we could help your family be more positively connected, supportive of one another, communicate effectively, and with love and respect. 

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