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An equine experiential learning program that:
  • believes in the power of every individual person as a change agent to a better, kinder, world

  • believes each family member is a vital link to a strong, supportive, family unit

  • engages the mind, body and spirit in its work with individuals and families

  • works with the wisdom and power of the horse as teacher

  • embraces the healing power of animals as a natural part of human health

  • provides a comfortable and natural setting for growth, learning, and healing

  • believes in the whole body as a source of information for each person

  • believes in a person's ability to find their own answers

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Offers you:
  • a unique individual or family experience

  • trained, certified and experienced professionals

  • individiual program tailored to your needs and goals

  • amazing, intuitive, sensitive equine therapists

Help with:
  • family issues (i.e. blended family, teens, relationship drift, power imbalance, boundaries, etc.)

  • exploring self-relationship

  • strengthening partnerships

  • family relationships

  • the effects of trauma 

  • self-esteem/confidence

  • anxiety & depression

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I am so pleased to be able to offer this unique experiential program to individuals and families looking for meaningful connection through the wisdom of the horse.  My own family immigrated to Canada in 1952 fleeing the occupied Ukraine and the aftermath of the second world war. My childhood was certainly different than most of my peers at the time.  It wasn't until after I began to work with children and their families that I understood that so much of the chaos in my family was a result of my parents PTSD and trauma suffered during their terror-filled migration from their home.  After almost 40 years of working in the field of mental health, I am now able to devote my time entirely to Horses Are Magic.  Equine experiential therapy was something I discovered while looking for a unique counselling experience for myself more than 17 years ago.  I was amazed at how quickly and gently the horses directed me to my "real issues".   It was a powerful and freeing experience. 


I wasn't sure what to call my practice and so went to confer with my equine partners for help with our name.  As I sat in silent communion with the herd, images and memories of how the horses had helped me and others flooded into my vision.  Pictures and feelings...but no words.  How could one put into words such incredible experiences? It's like trying to explain magic!  The horses and I pondered the idea of magic and decided that it's one of our most beautiful concepts -- it's free and boundless, not governed by societal rules.  Combined with horses who are one of the most beautiful animals ever created, something wonderful happens.  People discover the true magic of themselves.  And so, Horses Are Magic came to be.

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