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Alla Hirsch
Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) Practitioner
Advanced FEEL Practitioner
Honors S.S.W. Diploma (Georgian College)

Horses have been a constant source of support and friendship since I was a child.  The idea of working with horses to help people was just the most exciting thing that I could imagine.  I began building my practice in 2009 and became certified as a FEEL(Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)® Practitioner in 2010 and in June of 2018 have Advanced FEEL Certification, having graduated from the advanced training, to further enhance the spiritual connection experienced by people and horses. 


For the past 40 years I specialized in children's mental health. I have extensive training and expertise in understanding human behaviour and in crisis intervention.  My passion is experiential learning and energy work as a means of discovering the unlimited potential and beauty of people and animals.  My skill is to help people take life a little less seriously, find love and joy both in themselves and others, and to love nature . Along with my work experience, I completed a Social Service Worker diploma from Georgian College.


The horses and I look forward to working with you, your family and friends.  May your life path be enriched!

Tanya McLachlan, B.A., M.Sc.
Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) Practitioner
Reiki Practitioner

Tanya and I have been co-facilitating since 2020.  It has been my pleasure to work with Tanya, to share my knowledge with her, and to learn from her. Tanya is offering individual, family and group sessions at Horses are Magic. She comes with a wealth of experience in the field of helping humans as you will see by her bio below.

Tanya was born and raised in Orillia, Ontario. Graduated from Guelph University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. Tanya traveled extensively in South Korea, China, Thailand, and Mexico. She taught English as a second language as she travelled.  After returning home to Orillia from Mexico in 2006, Tanya decided to enroll in the Canadian Scholars Teacher’s Program at Daemen College located in Buffalo, New York to further pursue her teaching career. Since 2008, Tanya has been an Elementary school teacher with the Simcoe County District School Board of Education. In addition, she completed a three part specialist program in Special Education. 

At a Chapters bookstore Tanya discovered a book, "Zen Mind, Zen Horse", by Allan J. Hamilton, MD.   This gave a whole new direction to Tanya's life as it awakened her mind and heart to the science and spirituality of working with horses to help people.  In 2019, Tanya registered at Horse Spirit Connections completing the necessary qualifications to be a Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning FEEL® facilitator. 

Tanya has extensive experience working with children and youth challenged with Autism Spectrum Disorder through her Board of Ed experience.  She is also certified as a Reiki Master in 2016.

BIO picture Tanya and Woody on Summer So

Toni Jacobs, BSW, MSW, RSW (she/her)

Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) Practitioner

Toni's relationship with horses started with books and movies.  Horses took on a real presence in Toni's life when she began trail riding with friends as an adolescent.  Her weekend trail adventures and time with the horses brought her closer to her ancestral roots.  It was during those early years with horses that helped Toni understand the importance of connection and the power of horses to heal the heart, mind, body and spirit.

Many of the adventures, milestones, and transitions she experienced over her life course have lead to a better understanding of self, spirituality, and her own rules for living.  As a member of an Indigenous Primary Health Care team, and within her own private practice, Toni weaves Western mainstream evidence-based therapeutic modalities and Indigenous teachings and culture into her approach as a wholistic psycho-spiritual therapist, life coach, and FEEL facilitator.

Horses have long held a deep spiritual significance for Toni.  In 2021, she was called to explore the many ceremonies and healing practices surrounding the horse that have been developed and cultivated by both Indigenous and non-indigenous cultures, and in 2023, Toni met Alla and the herd at Horses are Magic and began collaborating on programs and services.   Toni works exclusively with adults, and specializes in helping individual discover their authentic self.

Toni Woody.jpg

Beverly (Bev) Sheremeto (she/her)

Volunteer Firefighter, Severn Township

Registered Riding Coach

EAL Developmental Coach

Equine Technology Diploma


Bev will be the first to tell you she has a love for horses that originates from her childhood.  She can recall fond memories of learning to ride a horse through trial and error, of trail rides, and a sense of belonging.  Bev has experienced first hand the quiet calm, honesty, and forgiveness that horses have toward people and how they can help people through adversity. Today, she shares her life with her partner Rob and their two American Quarter Horses, Sheza and Dude.  


Bev followed her passion for horses, and in 1989, she obtained her diploma in Equine Technology from New Liskeard College. 


Bev has more than 20 years experience in the horse industry including training horses, showing, teaching riding, and developing and co-facilitating workshops on horse trailering safety and as an assistant instructor in large animal rescue with Equine Guelph (University of Guelph). 


In addition to completing the requirements to be a Registered Riding Coach with Equine Canada, Bev obtained her EAL Developmental Coach certification in 2022. In 2023, Bev joined her long-term friend, Alla Hirsch at Horses Are Magic where she is offering individual sessions to youth and adults and collaborating on the development of programs and services for youth and adults with neurodevelopment disorders and therapeutic horsemanship program. 


Let Bev introduce you to the therapeutic benefits of interacting with horses and nature! 

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