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2022 -2024

"I've done 6 sessions and sad that it's over now. But the time I've had here, learning about myself has been amazing, and someone that loves horses like me, this is an incredible experience. You just feel connected, with yourself as well as these amazing horses." DR

"Very educational."  DC

"Alla is extremely welcoming and patient; understanding and very calming. Being amongst the horses brought so much joy and peace to my morning. Horses are Magic is a wonderful place to begin recovery. Thank you! Very grateful!" HM

"I was surprised at how connecting with the horses, through Alla's guidance, brought out problems in my life and solutions to those problems.  It was truly an amazing experience." CRS

"Friendly, informative, healing space for individuals, groups or families to experience healing from horse therapy!" JM

"I loved this session being new to the experience of being around horses.  I immediately felt safe and comfortable after establishing the connection with the horse.  It was a fabulous experience.  I would definitely recommend this program to any(one) having confidence issues.''  SD

"As a person who sees only black/white I was shocked when the horses read our feelings and responded to our energy levels.  It amazed me!" SM

"Horses are really magical! You must experience the healing of horses".  JM


"We loved the teamwork for the family session activities. The horses and team are so welcoming and great at their job! Our girls loved every session!" JN

"Wonderful and welcoming atmosphere.  Facilitators were very kind, warm and knowledgeable" JB 

"I enjoyed the whole experience." SD

"Horses are healing and Alla (& Tanya) has a way of knowing that can bring about positive experiences. "Chi-miigwetch!" Very thankful! " SS

"This program is really helpful and the instructors are very kind, and are there to help with clarity and your emotions." KC

"Wonderful program.  Highly recommend" PL

"Peaceful, calm, educational setting.  Alla listened to my concerns & needs, and reviewed things with me.  I will miss the connections made with the humans & all the horses.  Beautiful energy!!" BH

"Working with the horses was very moving and shows other forms of communication with body language and energy." MO

"Horses are truly magic.  The alternative approach to therapy sets you out of your head & into your body where you connect intuitively with yourself. The horses through their actions & behaviour in a session teach you about yourself, your blocks/fears, your limitations.  They are a symbol of beauty and freedom and the horses helped me rediscover that within myself and that we are all connected here with Mother Earth." PS


"I attended the Shame and Guilt workshop and it made me see things in a different way.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I would recommend this to anyone that has inner struggles that need to be released. The horses are very beautiful and loving." MH

Pathway to Self-Care:"Would recommend this workshop to anyone who needs to be reminded of the importance of self-care and needs to feel a powerful connection with the body & soul & horse. Very powerful." TL

Pathway to Self-Care: "This is a wonderful workshop! It gives you a chance to reflect, teaches you about yourself and you feel rejuvenated by spending time with the horses.  Facilitators are seasoned and create a great atmosphere!" EG

"I would absolutely recommend horse therapy with Horses are Magic.  The facilitating delivered an amazing program using many teaching styles to reach the strengths & needs of each participant.  Theory, discussion, meditation, art, & a variety of interactions with the horses. Thank you. " SR

Pathway to Self-Care: "The experience at Horses are Magic was indeed magical. Leave your expectations at the door and open your heart to the healing of the horse teacher." TMc

Pathway to Self-Care: "This day long workshop was a kind gift to myself with tools to use in the coming years." MH

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